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Rais is in fact the elder Hawke. Farah is younger than the twins. Carver and Beth are so cute I want to squeeze their faces. And Gamlen looks like a bug eyed douchebag.

I’m in love with them all.

omfg. it worked. i can’t even

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So through my modding adventures I have figured out how to make half elves. EXPECT HALF ELF HAWKES.

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And i still need to figure out how to edit Beth and Carver cause I need brown elves okay.

I am trying this elf Hawke mod for the first time and finding armor is a nightmare

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test my dashboard osmosis abilities


send me an ask about a fandom i know nothing about and i will summarize it as best i can

I am going to have to drink like 8 cups of water to be ready for this drug test